Frequently asked questions

As soon as you install the software, you can take screenshots by clicking the S logo on your screen, and selecting the region you want to take a picture of. If you need the whole page, just press the Prt Sc button on your keyboard.

Yes! You can do basic edits using the built-in editor! You can create new shapes, write using text, highlight areas, and point using arrows.

No, Snaplark is not known to interfere with any other software, Anti-Virus, or others.

Yes, Snaplark can screenshot games as well with the Print Screen function.

Of course, you can upload your images seamlessly on Snaplark, and get a short link to them!

You can upload up to 25 images, up to 25 Mb in size using the free plan.

The premium plan offers unlimited image uploads, up to 25 Mb each.

You can use Paypal, Stripe, or Credit card.

You can upload to Facebook, Instagram, Imgur with the click of a button.

You can refer to the Terms of Service section on our website.

You can use the Contact form on our website for any issues or questions you might have.

You can use the Contact form to discuss further.

You can use the Password Recovery form using your e-mail.

You can use the Report button, or contact us directly using the Contactform.

Yes, currently we support English, Russian and Tamil, but we plan on making it available in more languages.

It should run on any Windows 7 and above system, MacOS 10.12 - Sierra and above, IOS 12 and above Android 10 and above, and Linux (using Wine).

Yes, you can use the drop-down menu in the Download page and select Microsoft Store.

Snaplark supports short videos that are output as .GIF.

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Kindly contact us, using the Contact form, explaining what the issue is.

You can use your personal referral link, on your Account page.

You get a chance to win 3 months of Premium!

You can request refunds of a product within 30 days of purchasing it.

Currently, we serve over 200.000 people and businesses worldwide.

Just registration! Snaplark will never annoy you with spam, or sell your e-mail to third-party businesses.

Snaplark can take screenshots, crop and edit them on the fly, take small videos, automatically upload them to Snaplark or other famous hosts, including Facebook and Instagram.

You can check your Account page, and upgrade from there.

We\'re sorry to see you go! You can navigate to your Account tab and click the appropriate option.

No, anyone can use the software. Even though it is more tailored to small, medium and large companies, even the most basic user may use this software with ease.

You can use the Contact form and tell us about your request.

No, Snaplark will never annoy you with pop-up windows about offers or anything else.

You can select the appropriate option on your account, regarding promotional e-mails and offers.

Yes, you can either click on the bottom of the e-mail about unsubscribing, or use your Account section and select the right option.

Yes, you can select the option to have screenshot shapes in Elipse, Rectangles, or even Freehand!

You can right click on the Snaplark icon on your hidden icons, and select Uploaded History.

You can right click on the Snaplark icon on your hidden icons, choose Settings and navigate to the Hotkeys options tab.

You can output to .JPG, .BMP or .PNG.

Snaplark will by default save screenshots to \'C:

Yes, you can configure the proxy settings on the Settings tab, and then navigate to Proxy.

Yes, Snaplark can be used as usual in offline mode, without the upload functionality.

Yes, all screenshots are compatible with most photo editing software.

No, Snaplark is a very lightweight piece of software, optimized for even the most basic systems.

Game mode disables all prompts from the software, making your in-game life easier.

Yes, Snaplark is and will be supported and updated for a long time.

You can exit the conflicting application, or change the hotkeys to something different on either application

Snaplark uses PrintScr as the default button to take screenshots.

Snaplark is developed and maintained by Snaplark PTE LIMITED and Akash Sekar, Roman Kovalchuk, Mark Khromov, Tugberk Dilbaz, Tania Mosesova, Tom Otero and Maria Hvozd.

You can use the Login screen, and click on Forgot my password. Then, an e-mail will be sent on your e-mail account, guiding you through the password recovery process.

Yes, you can navigate to your account and view all your screenshots. From there, you can delete any that you like.

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. Snaplark can read text in any screenshot and output it in text format.

Yes, Snaplark allows you to use the search function and also searches through text in your images.

Privacy mode hides your profile picture, date and time you uploaded images.

You can find it on the User page, under the Privacy tab.

Yes, you can use this feature on the All captures page.

Yes, you can navigate to My account and use the Premium feature.

Yes, you can navigate to My account and find the option under the Subscription tab.

Yes, the free plan offers up to three categories, while the Premium plans offers unlimited categories.

We\'re sorry to see you go. You can navigate to My account and scroll to the bottom.

Snaplark supports almost all common image file types: Webp SVG, XML, SVG, HICC, X-Icon, PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, DNG, Bitmap, and upload it to the cloud.

You\'ve reached the end of the page. If you do not find your question here, fill up this form and we will answer your questions as soon as we can!