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SnapLark is the preferred platform for millions of users. Let's discover why!

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Cloud Storage

An easy way to store all your data in the most effective way possible! With Snaplark, there is no hassle, store everything you need and more on the cloud. Instant is a new style!


Fastest Screenshot Uploader

The quickest way to upload your screenshots is through Snaplark. It is as easy as 1-2-3 - Just select-edit-crop! Experience the true meaning of speed with our Screenshot uploader.


Image Editor

Use our editing techniques on your selected area with the simple editor tools. Snaplark provides you more than what you could expect!


Save to History

The state of art technology helps you save all your data in a secured way. All your images are safe with Snaplark


128p to 4K Recording

Travel through time, adapt yourself to the latest technology when you use Snaplark. You would feel like you have moved from the 90s to the future in an instant!


Anytime! Any Device!

Never restrict yourself to any device ever again with Snaplark. You get a free access to your history page from anywhere at any time!

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Best part: It's Totally FREE!

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Snaplark Overview

Quick Overview


Snaplark Crop

Choose any picture and choose any part. Snaplark crop helps you to choose any dimension with a stable crop feature. It is the most responsive and powerful tool of Snaplark


Screen Recording

Record your screen in an easy-peasy way with Snaplark. You can record up to 4K mode. Screen Recording is a great way to share your ideas easily in the most effective way.


Gif Recording

Choose from low-quality to high-quality GIF recordings. There is something for everyone at Snaplark! Worry no more if you are on a slow network connection. Our GIF recordings work at the slowest networks in the smoothest ways!

What's Inside!

Enjoy a whole new world of possibilities with Snaplark. No more hassles of arranging your files on folders or sorting them. Snaplark sorts it all and you could easily retrieve any file anywhere with just a part of the app name, web address, date or file name. No more tagging or spending time exclusively on creating folders for storage. Find new inspirations in unexpected places with Snaplark!

Uploads Since 1st Jan 2015.
Lets Aim to reach a target of more than 1 million uploads.

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