Terms & Conditions

Here are some quick Definitions

  • The Snaplark domain and the company are properties of Snaplark Pte Limited
  • The term “file” pertains to any sort of document that has the potential to be uploaded to the Snaplark website.
  • “User” indicates any individual who visits the Snaplark website, uploads files to the site, or accesses files from the Snaplark web page.
  • Any file stored on the Snaplark servers is referred to as “URL”.

Accessing any page on the Snaplark website other than the home page and the “Terms & Conditions” page indicates that the user has read, understood and consented to these terms and the Privacy Policy. If they do not agree with the terms, users must refrain from using the Snaplark website.

Electronic Signature

Please note that the any action of the user that is in aberration with the mere viewing/ accessing of the uploaded content (this usually includes downloads, uploads, comments, etc.) does not only indicate express consent to uploads, but also the electronic signature of the user. This contractually binds the users to observe adherence to all terms mentioned in this page.

Stuff You Do NOT Upload

Each of the uploaded files should be hosted with the third party service Imgur. Inorder to upload any file to the Snaplark website, you must be consistent with Imgur Terms & Conditions. The user does not wield the permission to upload any content that might be interpreted as copyrighted material, spam, harassment or offensive material.

  • The following categories of files are viewed as “abuse” and should not be uploaded to the website under any circumstances:
  • Illegal files that violate any of the laws laid down by the concerned regulatory bodies.
  • Pornographic content. This includes, but is not limited to, images and videos depicting nudity, sexual positions and situations, or genitalia.
  • Non-video and non-image and non-sound files, including archived non-image files.
  • Files that violate the copyright of any entity other than the user.
  • Files that constitute spam or harassment, or promote something for the purpose of commercial profit.
  • Mature and adult content.
  • Violent material.
  • Content targeting any religion or religious beliefs of an individual.
  • Snaplark.
  • Profanity.
  • Cracked/hacked content.
  • Foul language.
  • Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia content.
  • Terrorist-related activities.
  • Content pertaining to the sales of prescription drugs.
  • Content promoting sales of tobacco or tobacco-related items.
  • Material that supports the sales of hard alcohol or beer.
  • Promotion of sales of arms and ammunitions, such as firearm components, firearms, stun guns, fighting knives.
  • Content promoting of sales of items that are imitations or knock-offs of designer and other branded goods.
  • Content concerning programs that compensate the user for clicking offers and ads, browsing websites, watching videos, performing searches and reading emails.
  • Sales or distribution of student essays and coursework.
  • Any content that is considered illegal, facilitates illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of other individuals.

While adhering to these conditions, users ought to refrain from impersonating somebody else. Snaplark reserves the right to suspend impersonators from conducting further activities on the site. Snaplark Pte Limited might also be driven to seek legal refuge if the impersonation draws fuel from illegal intentions.

Help Remove Profanity

If any content you see on the Snaplark falls website falls in the above outlined list of uploads, help us know about it. You may write to us at report@Snaplark.com. We encourage all our users to use language that is free from profanity and is not foul.

If on any occasion you find it absolutely impossible to refrain from giving vent to your fury, please make use of the button on the keyboard and fill your views in with a few symbols. We also believe that sarcasm has a bitter sting; more so than swearing.

Intellectual Property

By making an upload to the Snaplark website, users declare to us that (1) they do not infringe upon or violate the rights of another entity and (2) they are the creatorsof the file or content that they upload; or at least wield sufficient property rights to upload material consistent with the defined terms. If a person or entity is convinced that some part or whole of an uploaded piece of content infringes upon their copyrights, we can be contacted at report@Snaplark.com with the following information:

  • Identification of the work that has been infringed upon
  • Identification of the uploaded content on Snaplark that is protected by copyright and needs to be taken down, including the upload URL where the content has been located.
  • Your statement of declaration defining the entity’s belief that the material in question was used without express and written permission of the same.
  • An authorized electronic or physical signature by the person or entity or somebody authorized to represent the same.

Privacy Policy

All private details offered by the user will remain strictly confidential. Snaplark reserves the right to circulate demographic information from the user, but Snaplark will never disclose any personal details about the user without express permission. Snaplark, however, may choose to disclose user information if the said user violates the terms and conditions of Snaplark, if the user is found to be involved in unlawful acts, if Snaplark considers it suitable or necessary, or if the details are subpoenaed.

Snaplark, via itself or through third parties, makes use of third-party code for the purpose of collecting and accumulating anonymous data that enables us to understand and analyse the experience of the visitors to our websites, as well as other details you provide, customize future visits to the sites, and make improvements to our websites. It should be kept in mind at all times that none of this information is personally identifiable.

Our company makes use of third-party advertising to serve various ads when you pay a visit to our website. These companies can choose to use details, excluding your name, address, telephone number, or email address, concerning your visits to this and other websites for the purpose of providing advertisements about services and goods that attract your intrest.

Legal Policy

Snaplark and Snaplark Pte Limited reserves the right to change the Terms of Service without notice. It is the responsibility of the users to keep track of any changes in this document.

Each of the files is copyright to their owners and Snaplark Pte Limited directs complete legal responsibility of the files to their respective users. Any other content is protected under Snaplark. Snaplark and Snaplark Pte Limited shall not be held accountable for the content of any files uploaded by users, nor is the company in affiliation with the entities that might be represented in the uploaded files. Snaplark Pte Limited will not bear responsibility for any posts made by the user. Unless diligently pointed out, no part of the Snaplark website might be recreated or reproduced without explicitly written permission from the Snaplark operators and authorized written confirmation from the Notary Public.

Users may face permanent ban/IP ban/temporary ban if any of the rules mentioned above are being disobeyed. We reserve the right to decide what constitutes illegal activities and if we find the user engaging in those activities, in addition to other legal rights we possess, the user might be banned along with the site they are hot-linking from. All the images of the user might be deleted and if need arises, they can be reported to the authorities. We will prevent the user from viewing any other images on Snaplark.

Limitation of Liability

The user agrees that the use of the services provided by Snaplark is entirely at their own risk. The services offered by Snaplark are offered in terms of “as is” basis without any sort of warranties, either implied or expressed, constructive, or statutory, such as, without limitation, any implied guarantees of merchantability, fitness or non-infringement for a particular purpose.

Snaplark offers no assurance of availability of service and can change, suspend, withdraw or discontinue any feature or functionality of the services offered by Snaplark. Under no circumstances will Snaplark be held responsible for any damages, including, without limitation, indirect, direct, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages emerging out of the use of or the failure to use the services offered by Snaplark and the content thereon. This disclaimer is applied, without limitation, to any injury or damages, whether for tort, breach of contract, or otherwise, caused through any sort of failure in terms of performance; omission; error; deletion; interruption; communication-line failure; file corruption; defect; delay in transmission or operation; computer virus; theft; system outage; or unauthorized access to, destruction of, or use of any company record.


Users must agree to indemnify and hold Snaplark and all its personnel unaccountable and harmless for any liability, damages, loss, expenses, and claims, including the fees for attorneys, arising from or connected to the website content, or deletion of the files of the user or the application of any other service or feature. This expressly encompasses:

  • The responsibility of the user for any and all liability connected to the infringement and violation of copyrights or proprietary rights.
  • Any unlawful or defamatory content contained within the files of the user.


Snaplark can perform maintenance as is deemed necessary by the company. User acknowledges that such maintenance will need downtime. Snaplark will try to offer prior notice of the maintenance downtime, except in the case that the situation is beyond the control of Snaplark and hampers the ability of the website to do so.

If any part of this document has fallen in aberrance to your comprehensive abilities, feel free to contact us at one of the following Email Address: upport@Snaplark.com